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my most recent brain vomit written in the haziness of the 53rd hour of sleeplessness. I just might be approaching certifiable insanity soon... Enjoy!

Been wading through a bathtub Filled to the brim with four-syllable nonsense Quackery, I tell you Even the rubber duckies are getting suspicious They won’t disclose the secrets That hold me hostage That I’m incapable That I know too much Oh to be blind, deaf, and dumb Again To find solace in everything In anything To be SHAMELESS My ever-elusive attribute Hey there darlin’ Daisy Show me how to handle me It seems you’ve become an expert The only one thus far Perhaps the only one to ever Take me for me You take so much I’m stronger for your thieving Too fucking ironic To gain the greatest gifts From letting go of all that stolen property I clutched so tightly to my scarred, flat chest I smile because you’re afraid of the ocean While I define ecstasy as death by drowning Weightless Another elusive sensation Heroin came close Rolling in the snow, I dropped a few pounds Dropped a ball of innocence A burden like a boomerang Yeah, it can fly so far But stings like a bitch when it comes back Full force I want my soul back Probably got lost in the mail I always forget that damn return address Probably too preoccupied With the paper cut on my tongue Crazy karma, so creative with punishment Always knew my sharp tongue Would be my self-destruction I’m doggy-paddling at best But my head stays just above the water Even though my toes are numb It’s a damn shame That treading water won’t get me anywhere My arms are tired and Those fucking ducks won’t stop staring At least I’ll drift closer to familiar shores In a dead man’s float.

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I understand not sleeping... just don't completely jump off the edge into that bathtub... you'll end up drowing!

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This is incredible. Just in case you were wondering what I thought.

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