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Recently I was asked what my turnons were. I couldn't answer.

It's not that I find nothing attractive, but more that I am an extremeist. I loathe the mediocre, the average.

Or maybe it wasn't that at all. Perhaps I have grown so desperate for the attention of the opposite sex that I no longer have preferences. I am willing to overlook nearly any flaw, just for the chance to feel loved.

I'm pathetic.

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My neck and ears are so sensitive. I've had people I don't know touch my neck, and I hate it. It gives me awful shivers, and I feel dirtied. But if it's someone I know, and am attracted to... -makes a girly little noise- I love it when Owen just barely brushes his fingertips back and forth on my neck. I love it when he nibbles on my earlobes, feeling his hot breath and hearing him breathe oh so softly. I love it when he covers my neck in a thousand little kisses. My back is also sensitive, and backrubs just make me melt... We give each other backrubs alot, our profession is hard on the body, especially the back... There's spots on the front of my hips, and along my sides, that are unbelievably sensitive. Less sensitive but equally enjoyable spots are on my lower belly. I absolutely lose it when someone touches the small crevices where my legs meet my body in the front. I also love being laced up. Hanging onto the bedpost while someone (but not anyone) pulls the lacing tighter, and tighter, and tighter. I'm not sure why this i, but I'm not arguing. Stockings, garter belts, corsets and bustiers, camisoles, all that stuff isn't nessecary, but damn, does it make things more enjoyable. I'm a clothes freak anyway, if I was rich I'd probably have a large dresser full of thigh his, ones I cut to wear on my arms, fishnet tops, garter belts, etc. Oh, and boots! Arched boots with high heels... Candles. Any sort of different dramatic lighting. I also love being tied up. Not hardcore bondage, if some guy came up and tried to brand me, I will definately not be turned on. I'

So my back is the most sensitive part of my body. It is such a turn on for someone to touch my back. If someone runs their finger down my spine it sends chills alll the way though me. However even on my back there is one spot that is so incrdibly sensitive. It's a very small spot but, omg someone could easily bend me to their will. I usually tell poeple to just not touch my back because after a certain point, I can't even think. I wouldn't mind if he found it and played around a bit, but for anyone else it's just not a good idea.

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