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What I assume you must be thinking: - "Tell me about how sad you are. I'm here for you. Mostly I'm here to stick my penis in you." - "Let me talk to you about all of my plans for our clearly sex-centric relationship. We're cool with just being fuckbuddies, yeah? Cool. I'm gonna start treating you like shit now. Hope you'll still put my dick in your mouth." - "You said you don't want to do anything sexual tonight? Once midnight hits, it's technically not the same night. God I'm clever. Btw, I'm also not leaving until you go along with this." - "Thanks for the sex. You made me really happy. I'm even going to grope you as I walk my happy ass out of your house. Don't expect to hear from me again." - "I'm going to INSIST that you text me. I'm even going to tell you the best time of day to do so. Because I want it to be extra offensive when I straight up ignore you." Don't lead me on and act like you're really excited to have some sort of fuckbuddy relationship with me. I mean, I'm cool with being fuckbuddies. I really am. Hell, I'm cool with fucking once and immediately moving on. But let's just be up front about that. To be fair, it was stupid to put any sort of trust or expectations in a person that I barely knew. But seriously, don't be an asshole. I'm a really good person and I don't deserve that. Man the fuck up and SAY something.

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