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...Huh. With all the agonising I read about on this topic, I totally didn't expect it to be quite so straightforward. And I was pretty sure I'd be more shy.

But hey, there you go. The system works, people.

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Last year a girl was interested in me for a while. stalked me on facebook. Oddly enough she stalked one of my friends too, and later met a guy who claimed to have dated her - the three of us all shared similar traits of being geek guys with long hair and facial hair, i.e. sporting the jesus look. Guess this girl just had a thing for it or something.

In any case I was flattered and excited, as i'm pretty fucked up with emotional insecurity and she was the first person interested in me to actually currently live within a 200 mile radius.

I should have seen it comming what with the libido she had. but eventually she asked to be fuckbuddies with me. She even knew I was a virgin. Wanted to take my cherry, she did.

I declined, which many friends think i'm insane for.

She started seeing someone within two weeks after I said no, and now we don't even really talk anymore.

There's a strong bitterness about this that boilsup in me often lately that I can't even find the words to articulate properly... it's not about her, at all... just sex in general and the way people treat it. It has never been what i've wanted.

When someone makes some comment about me getting laid I just want to make them watch me cut off my own dick and set it on fire, just to drive the point home that I really don't fucking care about their flaming little shit they obsess about, and that its not the holy fucking grail. If sex is your jesus, then i'll burn its cross.

I'm sorry i'm not an easy lay, ladies.

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My favorite is when people try to use my virginity as an insult. I tell them all the same thing: if sex is really that important to you, if you treat it as a religion to be worshipped and imposed upon others, you must be a sad, lonely shell of flesh.

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Sex certainly isn't everything, but I consider it pretty important. It's important to me in the same way that hugging, kissing, and snuggling are important. There are few people I feel comfortable doing it with, and letting them have that level of power constantly has me rethinking and reconfirming my feelings for them.

On that note, there's nothing wrong with not having sex, not wanting to have sex, or not wanting to have meaningless sex, and like with anything else, anyone who tells you that you're wrong for thinking differently than them is a crapface.

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...I think I'm attracted to you.

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