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So I played my first real session of a live-action roleplay game today, and barring the usual first-session awkwardness that crops up in EVERY roleplay game it was pretty fun.

We're playing Vampire: The Masquerade, which is set in what I think is a cool setting known as the World of Darkness. It's modern-day but with vampires and werewolves and changelings and shit; it's dark and spooky and supernatural. I really like it but nobody ever seems to want to run WoD games here - well, except that fat creepy guy that smells like pepperoni and death. Ew. He's a terrible player and GM in general anyway, so I was so glad he didn't turn up to the LARP tonight. SO GLAD.

Anyway, it's my first time LARPing so I'm of course playing a fairly reticent and shy character til I can get my bearings and figure out what the hell I'm supposed to be doing. Live-action roleplay sounds hella awesome when you first start thinking about it but unless you're an extrovert or an actor it's pretty hard to not feel incredibly self-conscious about dressing up and pretending to be a vampire. So, there was a lot of people sitting in awkward silence while we tried to come up with conversation points. I think I did okay; I'm looking forward to next week's session anyway.

Funnily enough, the World of Darkness is a huuuuge hit with gothy-type gamers(fancy that) and I like getting my vampire on as much as the next girl, but... for some reason my favourite WoD game is Changeling. Yeah, the one about magical fairies and shit. I know it can be as dark a game as the others(maybe even more so, it's pretty twisted), but I love me some sparkly elf crap. Problem is, nobody here has heard of/is interested in Changeling because they're all too busy being super-slick vampires...

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"it's pretty hard to not feel incredibly self-conscious about dressing up and pretending to be a vampire" No, no, it's Vampire: the Masquerade You're supposed to be pretending you're not a vampire.

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