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I'm doing my dailies again, the same mindless eight quests that I do every day to make a bit of virtual cash and zone out for a bit. I know I'm not addicted to this game, but I will quite freely admit right now that the reason I've been playing it so much lately, doing tedious and repetitive daily quests and saving my money and tokens for far-off rewards, has exactly fuck all to do with fun.

I'm just escaping from life for the hour or so it takes to do them all. For one hour or however long I play if I get sucked into a raid or fishing quests or the like, for that precious time each day, I don't have to think about all the shit going down in my life right now.

I don't have to think about being unemployed, or the potential shitty callcenter job on the horizon that will eat away my summers but pay my rent for the next four years, I don't have to think about the various reasons I'm not going to be getting into my career of choice any time soon, I don't have to think about all the people I know around here who I honestly can't talk to anymore without trying to figure out if they're lying or telling the truth for once. All the drama, the money worries and bills, it all fades into the familiar ache in the back of my mind that will keep me awake tonight but won't distract me from slaying two more Icecrown Scourge for ten gold pieces and a pat on the head from an elf.

Whatever gets me through the day without thinking about killing myself again, I guess...

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This sounds remarkably similar to my recent crippling addiction to Kingdom of Loathing. It stopped being fun quite awhile ago, but it fills those voids that would otherwise be spent contemplating painful death, which has been a bit of a problem lately.

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