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The problem I've noticed with us ladies, right, is we dwell on things. Maybe guys are better at hiding it or I hang out with more neurotic girls than most, but when stuff gets to us we hold onto it and let it gnaw away long after the fact. We remember and feel bad about it, we twist ourselves into knots of frustration and helplessness and rage about it. Little things. Like frustration over your manager's moment of tactlessness driving you to distraction and a new job, or the embarassment of remembering how well that night could have gone making you choose staying home instead of being awkward in the pub. Silly little things that they've forgotten already, but that burn inside us endlessly. Don't mind me. Just brooding again, what-ifs and all that sad story.

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Men ignore things, women obsess over them. I'm gonna go ahead and assume that was advantageous when we were a species of hunter-gatherers, you know, if you miss a kill you go on and kill something else, but you try to get everything you can out of wild berries and shit... I'm just talking out of my ass at this point, but that'd be my guess. Actually it probably has more to do with raising children than gathering food. I don't know, I hope we never fully comprehend the human mind.

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