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I enjoy writing. I enjoy the language, period. Words and sentances and paragraphs entrance me. In my house, you can tell what furniture is mine (a dresser, the computer desk, two cheap unfinished raw pine bookshelves) because it's covered in scrawled thoughts and snatches of songs and poetry. One thing that frustrates me, over and over, is when someone says something better than I ever could, and I go "aww, damnit..." Some things strike a chord so deep inside me I wish I'd written it. I get over it, but there's that momentary dismay. Lately it's been snatches of creativity involving alcohol and the strange beauty I find in being a drunk. For example, there's a song on X103 (rock/alternative station for those who aren't in Indiana.) that states simply, "drinking whiskey from the bottle, not thinkin' 'bout tomorrow." (This song is strange. It sounds like "Sweet Home Alabama" at parts, but isn't. I haven't listened to all of it, I imagine it's some kind of homage) Another is a Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos song, Skeleton Key. "I miss you less and less everyday. But it's true the whiskey has helped to wash you away." Simple and beautiful and true.

Lastly, and on a different topic, are two Hunter S. Thompson qoutes. The first is from the author's introduction to Fear and Loathing in America. "May the gods fall in love with you, as I did." The second is from somewhere in that book, I'm fairly sure. "Nine-tenths of the time I think I'm a lunatic and a moron. One tenth of the time I know I'm a god and a saint."

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I agree about reading things and wishing I had written them sometimes.

Sometimes I want to take what people have written on the ether and turn them into a poetry magazine on campus, under my name.

It's just a fleeting thought every now and then. I would never follow through with it. But DAMN do I get jealous when someone has says exactly what's been on my mind, better than I could.

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