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you shot yourself in the foot...

i have a dollar that says that you won't do it again we prayed that you wouldn't but that's not how this ends now it's two bucks in the pot that they could take home but i'm feeling unlucky double or nothing, leave it alone

let it ride

sure enough now four dollars on a table newly stained you're the picture of health that won't fit in it's frame oh eight dollars now that you choked on the echo i bet you won't finish first bet your breath in staccato

let it ride

sixteen bucks slip around now the surface is slick i knew you weren't the best i knew this wasn't it thirty-two for the pocket but the night isn't over you've got blood left to give like one jilted lover

let it ride

i bet you won't last i bet you won't change i bet you won't notice i bet it all isn't strange when your friends bet against you when the odds are just right when there's money to be made when you're losing the fight double or nothing, leave it alone

let it ride

your failures keep me fed hundreds now not at risk it's a solid decision in a flick of the wrist don't look shocked when i leave with pockets full of cash leave your blood on the table they'll cart you away last

let it ride

bet against you til the end thank god somebody thought you would win but it's not for the money and i won't do it again because i got what i came for and you have one less friend i hope you know that you've earned it and that i've earned this too so double or nothing one last time it's finally time for you to lose

let it ride let it ride let it ride

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