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I watched something today a touchy subject for most people but it fascinates me, religion. I think that sometimes I am jealous of other people’s ability to believe in something so completely so blindly. I have this habit of needing to know about things I don’t understand I search for hours and hours trying to gather as much information about the thing I’m not understanding and so I came across this.

A documentary about a religious group teaching children. It felt a lot like indoctrination. The way they drove fear into those children so completely, they way they condemned children’s books because of the fantasy content. The frightened tears and uncertain cries.

Ignorance breeds fear and fear breeds hate and here was a group of people feeding a larger group of children all of this fear. Creating an entirely new generation who will be consistently trapped in that fear unable to make change becoming this living contradiction.

It frightens me how ignorant and powerful these people are how they can shape and mold these children into living breathing hate machines. I fear for the world and what may happen to all of us when it is their turn to take the reins.

I believe people have the right to their own beliefs. I believe whole heartedly in freedom of religion, in freedom in general but then I see something like this and I become afraid. How can you preach love and peace and hate and intolerance all at the same time? I don’t know it’s bothering me and I can’t find any answers.

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I'm guessing that was Jesus Camp. I saw that once too, and it creeped me out as well.

It's hard to know how to respond to things like that in this world. At the very least, you should exist as a positive, compassionate person, and the people around you will learn from that without you having to take any deliberate action.

Your thoughts inevitably find ways to subtly change the world around you. Just make sure that they stay good thoughts.

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I was completely floored by it. I realize there are extremists in everything but this truly was frightening. These children these poor children if they manage to pull themselves out of it how jaded will they be as teenagers? How angry and untrusting as adults? It worries me.

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