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one of my friends will be an exchange student in Thailand next year. she told me about a band called "Venus Flytrap" which is made up of five kathoey, which basically means they're all men who have had a sex change. (sex changes are legal in Thailand, by the way. my friend once refered to Thailand as "the sex change capital of the world.") however that is all background information and not the main topic.

you can't really tell that they weren't born women just by looking at the pictures of Venus Flytrap due to their dresses, skirts, heels, breast implants, adam's apple reductions, and long hair....but if you look closely, sometimes you can just barely see a touch of masculinity in them. it's hardly noticable, i think it's in their body shape. if you're curious i suggest looking up a picture of a member and see if you can spot the boy hidden inside her, it's pretty cool.

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"sex changes are legal in Thailand, by the way."

As in most countries, so far as I can tell.

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true, they are legal in a lot of other countries...i should have mentioned that sex changes aren't regulated by the Standards of Care and that they are readily available, fairly cheap, and more commonly accepted, which is what sets Thailand apart from most of the other countries.

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