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More and more I remember things. Now that I'm not burning my way through time, constantly running doing planning plotting scheming obsessing seeking. They come at random, sometimes triggered by a word or thought, sometimes by nothing discernable at all. Things like:

Being seven, living with my mom in Lapel. A tree trimming crew came out and brutulized this tree in the back yard. On of those where they cut it down to the trunk and a few stubby branches. I hate that. Anyway, there were all these limbs of different sizes, and I got to make the best tree fort of all time. My stepdad helped me get a long, heavy limb up on two parts of the fence, so I had a main beam of sorts, and then I just Eeyored it. I slept out there.

Being seventeen and in love, working at the mini golf course, which was an unsupervised and completely awesome job. My boss didn't care if I smoked pot, had people come and hang out, even if I drank a little. He didn't care because I was doing my job and more, since the other employees slacked off. I also took over ordering things like candy and pop, and stuffed animals for the claw machine, that were originally responsibilities of my boss. And I got paid under the table.

Nineteen, my first tank party, in a completely safe place with people I trusted, a big box of balloons, and a fifty pound tank of nitrous.

Hell, the first time I tried crack is a fond memory. My friend Sam and I went somewhere to procure some smoke, and the guy invited us into his crazy one huge room with two bedrooms house, with a balcony all the way around that floor, and the bottom floor being his office area. He gave us as much as we wanted, and didn't ask for money. He was several levels above street dealers, so it was normal for him to get random females high, I think. Even better was the fact that I didn't want any the next day.

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