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I kind of loathe you now.

You're a fake, a manipulator, a user. And you're really quite good at it. The fault is 100% yours, until I got a break from you, I was enabling you. "I'm worried about you feeling used," you would say. And I didn't feel used, so I told you not to worry.

Then you disappeared. With a valid reason.

Then you failed to reappear.

Then you appeared somewhere else, somewhere I'd only seen you once, when we'd met there. But you weren't there for me. It's fucking Skype, I can't tell if you're there for anyone. I can't think of any reason why you'd suddenly be on Skype 24/7 that DOESN'T involve you avoiding me, though. Since you aren't talking to me.

And I know you're non-confrontational to a fault. But you told me you didn't want me to fuck off. You just needed time. Seven months of time, plenty for me to realize you did use me, by the definition of "you haven't been around when I've wanted or needed you to be."

So I'm done. You may be telling the truth, the Skype thing may be a fluke, but I need friends who can be around when I need them. Not constantly, I have plenty of friends, from just-more-than-acquaintances to seriously-good-friends, that I go months without speaking to. But if I said "Hey, I need to talk," they'd be around.

Done. Go manipulate someone else with your faux-ally shit and your ridiculous need for positive attention. Go get tit pictures and carefully-constructed explicit paragraphs from someone else. The chemistry or whatever it is we had isn't worth this.

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