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Is it just me, or would an acoustic cover of Amebix's "Coming Home" be totally awesome? I don't understand why anyone other than me can't love both crust and country, but I would love to hear the intro played instead of the power chords at the beginning part, and at the part where it changes to a different progression, throw in some chicken pickin' and man, you wouldn't even need the solo 'cause it'd sound so badass! Oh, and then get someone with a really pretty voice to sing it. I mean, the electric works with Rob Miller's voice, but I don't think an acoustic version would. I'd probably have it sung by a girl. This is my vision, and if you feel like doing it, I'm not gonna stop you. Or maybe I should just get better at guitar myself. Hm.

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That would be pretty badass.

I've actually been planning to do a whole bunch of acoustic covers of punk songs - on the bill right now is mainly aus-rotten, crass, and some loungey versions of leftover crack songs.

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Oh word, that's cool as shit. It seems I need to get better at chicken pickin' anyway though, I am starting a punk-bluegrass band and my friend wants to play bass for it, but I was supposed to be the bassist. So I will either play bass or chicken pick. I guess I should get better at shred too, for solos. I can see my chicken pickin' guitar now... It'll be sweet. But hey if you're ever doing that in MD, let me know.

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I'm in IN at the moment, but will do. Same goes for you if you head this way.

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Oh hey, and apparently they reformed last month and no one told me about it?

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