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My shameful secret:

I never eat my crusts.

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That's not a shameful secret. I don't either. I also don't like the edges of brownies or the hard little ends of french fries.

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I keep forgetting how much I love crust and d-beat. And black metal, for that matter. I should start a black crust band, I haven't played black metal leads in a few years though. Or listened to it. I miss when I used to rock Mayhem and not find it ridiculous. Sometimes I wonder if Metalocalypse has done more harm than good. Death metal isn't all that close to crust though. I wonder, nonetheless.

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Can you describe crust? It's a genre I'm not familiar with.

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Clicked expecting an ode to delicious pie crusts, now I'm just confused. And hungry.

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Black: Crust is basically punk with metal-type leads (not necessarily technical metal though). It's the greatest genre there is! If you're into hardcore punk you should check it out. Also: everyone should know the name Amebix. Blue: My bizzle :(

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I've only ever known crust punk as a lifestyle. I didn't know that it had a corresponding genre! I'm imagining that the lyrics are all about wearing the same pair of socks until they're crunchy and sleeping in piles of Pabst Blue Ribbon cans.

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Actually my friend said he'd start a crust band with me if all the songs were either about beer or Public Enemy covers. So, basically.

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I'm sad this post wasn't about bread or baked goods.

Personally I like most sandwiches with the crust cut off, it feels fancier that way. Of course if this involves home made bread or french bread then the crust is totally the best part.

I also like stuffed crust pizza but it's probably been 10 years or more since I had it.

I miss junk food, being on a diet sucks. I really wish that the better food tasted the better it was for you.

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The best crust is that of a well-made steak and onion pie, hot from the oven and well-soaked in delicious onion gravy; firm and crumbly on the outside but soft and squidgy on the inside. Mmm.

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