I appreciate good cheese... and we seem to cultivate it so well. This look of shame and amusement crosses his face and I can't help but inquire, or he spots the same signs in me. It's probably all been heard before, but it's new to us... and it makes us happy.

I'm always afraid we're making people around us cringe, so we generally save it for when were alone. It's just really weird being "the cute couple." That one where everyone is like "oh you're so cute together" but you secretly want to punch them because they're so frakking adorable? Well... I hope it's not the last part... but sometimes I can't help myself.

"Do you want anything from (his home-state)?" "...You."

When ever my x and I would do something cheesy around one another, one of us would always call the other out on it by saying "Cheese" as in short for cheesy...

"Cheese is the corpse of milk." -James Joyce

When I was younger, I was in marching band.

Before ever competition, the parents gave us cheese and grapes.

I miss those days.

Cheese.....I rather like cheese ... especially in cubes... I don't really know why, but whenever I think of cheese, the thoughts go from shreads to sheets to cubes... every time. I like cubed cheeses on crackers... then you can melt them, throw on a topper and call it an apatizer and give it to party guests.

Cheese must just hit a basic chord in humans. The other two thoughts are about how cheese is delicious, and my first instinct was to go "Cheese, whoo"

mmmmmm cheese. I love cheese. The missus doesn't.

i sure do like cheese.

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