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i cheated on a test today. strangely, i feel no remorse.

the teacher is a bitch anyway.

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People who cheat make me sad. It makes me feel like those of us who work for what we get are unimportant. We have to share our glory with those who didn't earn it. I'm tired of being shown up by people who cheated their way to the top. I think it's time for those of us who take time to do things right to get some recognition for our work.

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I have been known to cheat from time to time in tournaments that my friends have arranged to rig who goes through to the finals or to change matchups.. The sad thing is that I'm really good at it so I'm yet to be caught.

Altho to be accused of cheating when I haven't makes me angrier than you would belive.

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I cheat. If you're my friend, then I want your friends to be my friends. I may already be calling your friends my friends. Because I like friends. I like the idea of having friends. But even if you're my friend, I refuse to regard your enemies as my enemies. I may be seeking out friendships with your enemies just because they're central figures in your life. Because I don't like enemies. In fact, I love the feeling of turning former enemies into friends, or at least neutral associates. I love the feeling of social invincibility that I get when I go out to lunch with a former arch-nemesis of mine and we have idle, pleasant conversation, then later have dinner with an arch-nemesis of hers. I will break the rules, take no sides, take no prisoners, and conquer all with compassion in the same way that I have conquered myself. I cheat. And win.

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