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A guy at work taught me this and I'm preaching the gospel:

If you ever have the hiccups, challenge them to a knife-fight and they'll be gone instantly.

I don't know how, but it's worked INSTANTLY, and 100% of the time i've tried it, which is about 20 times by this point.

It fascinates me to no end, because there has to be a scientific explanation but I can find none. It just WORKS.

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How does that work exactly? “Hey hiccups I challenge you to a knife fight!” And if they don’t disappear do you then proceed to cutting yourself randomly? Seriously I’m interested now I’m not trying to be an ass here. I really want to know.

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No, you don't just start slashing at your throat. It's not a threat of a knifing, it's a challenge to a knife fight. So you could cram a knife down your throat, handle first, and then start fencing with your own face. If your hand gets cut first, then you lose. If your throat gets cut first, then... Well, I suppose you die. But you win, which is the real point.

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Well, the two guys who spread it to me were fond of muttering stabbing threats under their breath in a whisper.

I personally just stop whatever i'm doing and announce out loud "I CHALLENGE YOU TO A KNIFE FIGHT" and return about my business.

Both are extremely awkward yet funny if you are in the middle of conversation with someone when you get the hiccups and need to enact the cure.

So, no, there's no actual knives or stabbing, just the mere threat of them.

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And as for what happens if you challange them to a knife fight and they don't stop?

I wouldn't know. they've NEVER not stopped. It's been used by me a good 30 times now and as soon as I shout "I CHALLANGE YOU TO A KNIFE FIGHT" I don't hiccup again for the rest of that day. It's eerie, really.

THAT is why I preach its gospel. Because its magic even baffles me. I cannot come up with a scientific explanation for how it works, which being me frustrates me endlessly, but fascinates me all the same.

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Good to know I just wonder how people in my office would react to me randomly screaming “I challenge you to a knife fight!” Hell even that would be worth seeing.

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I normally just swallow air. That works extremely well, but it's not as awkward.

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I started hiccuping recently. When I noticed that it was in a steady beat, I started beatboxing. It was AWESOME.

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