how do you have the power over me still can't feel shit til i see red flow expression is our satan and our savior can't feel without expression can't express without feeling sick cycle carousel jump off and drown please tell me it means something anything i need some answers or at least a reason to keep seeking them i'm tired of childish games no more hide-and-seek i've long out-grown peek-a-boo i just wanna feel a little piece of you not her moldy leftovers i need something new the bell tolls one hour closer sixty minutes further away from that bittersweet beginning been lost since the day i found you lost in those hollow eyes i could swim in there for days never come up for air may i hide there for awhile just die for awhile come back with a new perspective on hurt what's it mean to you yeah i know you felt it when i snapped with a twang like a harp string strung too tight heard the echo stretch seventy miles through the black sorry baby did i wake you GO BACK TO SLEEP


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