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your perception is the one thing that is real. the past is not real; the future is not real. the only things truly provable to be real at any given moment are those which fall within or creep into your field of perception.

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Before the dawn, still below the moons cloak, strangers seem to become as animals. They rather fancy a self serving act. One based on a single and apparent primal need. It seems to reflect the fear of light or perhaps the fear of the animal. I do not shut it off, rather I study them. I watch their awkward movemets. Not always clumsy or imept in their attempts. Still as I am swift hunter amd they do seem an unfavorable stalker of Such a Night creature. Most are not worthy opponents, the sheer notion that they are anything other than prey is obserd. Still while night is still of grace, I neither devour them nor snag my gown in their ill set traps. I let them go, with just a prick of Poison, lest them fight another pale night. I find the sport rather to my amusment..

Thanks, this was better than myspace bull. still forgive spelling mistakes.. I cannot be botherd to spell check..

WAR, SOLIDARITY, COMPLIMENT, STIGMATA, FATE, CORINATION, alleviation, SOLACE, LORE, PUBLIC CHRINICLES, COMPELLING, SHREWD, TACTICAL, DEDICATION, CONTEMPORY, established, mystical, morgan, Renaissance, Romantic, conservative, nocturnal, Bias, Intuitive, CLEVER, Shrew, Fair, Wrathful, Siren, sucubus, WiSEl take care dark ones.....

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That's why I love Firefox. It automatically spellchecks everything you type like Word does (with an unobtrusive red underline if you fuck something up or use a word it doesn't recognize).

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Peoples perceptions of me are never right. Theres so much about me that they don't even care to learn, even if it would help them understand who i really am.

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