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I have recently realized I may be an Intellectual snob. I know statistically that my brain operates at a higher function than other people's. I get highly annoyed by people who don't think about things deeper than surface level. My own mother and I have had a conversation or 2 that ended in her saying " well honey I am just not as deep as you" . I think these sorts of comments are lazy cop-outs. I think people should feel more accountable for their impact on other people and their environment. I feel those that don't are inferior to me ... This is where the problem starts ... I have never been the type to say I am better than so-n-so. I don't know how to fix it and furthermore, I don't feel that it's wrong. And I feel guilty for not feeling that it's wrong.

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Wow. I don't know what to say to this without risking offending you.

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Perhaps I deserve to be offended. I believe honest feedback is always valuable, even if it is offensive. Well as long as its factual and not inflammatory.

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Fair enough. I did get a chance to think deeper on this and have concluded I misread some of it. So the initial reaction has changed…thankfully. I hate offending people.

I have a mother that does that to me too, but I don't take it as a compliment, really. I take it as her way of saying "I am done thinking about this topic. Let's move on to what I like and what I feel and think. Jesus saves." It's the cause of much contention

I do think, though, that some people are not wired to think of so-called "deep" thoughts. Some people just don't have the capacity. I may be a deep person, but I can retain that deepness and still allow for their thinking…ignorant and uninformed as it may be.

The word snob triggers something in me, I guess…and I'm glad that I didn't shoot off at the proverbial mouth and had time to relax and then come back and reread your thought. Compounded by my deep-seeded mommy issues, I was not in a happy place in my head while reading this the first time, so…hakuna matata.

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