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I had my first zombie dream last night. I was with friends and we were teaming up and clearing houses of loitering zombies. After the first house, we went back to our safehouse to rest and get our equipment ready again, and I spent a really long time getting all of my gear ready and it started annoying my impatient friends.

"Should I bring safety glasses? Yeah, totally. Can't gave zombie blood getting in my eyes. But then again, if blood is being sprayed, then it'll get on the glasses and I wouldn't be able to see. Hmm... Safer versus practical..." (HURRY UP, DUDE) "And I should probably sharpen my machete, because I'm not sure if it could decapitate any zombies how it is. Although I could still use it to hack at their knees and bring them down to the ground where I'd just stomp them to death..." (DUDE, COME ON) "In fact, wouldn't a blunt, heavy weapon like a bat or a sledgehammer.. or hell, even a normal hammer more reliably cause zombie-dropping brain damage than anything bladed?" (WE'RE FUCKING LEAVING WITHOUT YOU)

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A. I always wondered why the majority of people who got blood in their mouth/eyes in books or movies didn't become zombies. Or if they did, they did for another reason. B. Sharpen machete, bring it as backup, it'll be useful when your arms get tired. Take a baseball bat so your arms don't get tired as fast. Guess how I pass time in traffic!

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I love zombie movies, even the ones that are home made, they bare a level of humor to them that would otherwise be unthought of. It gives that side of my humor a chance to run around and be crazy for a little while. It's nice.

Recently I saw a picture of a little girl hugging a zombie, it was a sketch but it was adorable.

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