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Yup, this morning, there is still Autism. It's colder, and autism has reminded me of this. REALLY cold, though not that bad once I sit still. But I seem to fidget constantly. They used to put me in the special room when I would fidget too much; at least the basement was a 'finished' one. But now I am older. Autism is still its same age since I was born. The Ether is definitely a pussy-pool, of pussy getting in and out, dicks confusing dicks for pussy, as children in pools confuse warm current for piss. Caution be bestowed upon ye, children of the Ether. The pussy-pool is shallow.

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Now that Autism fucked that last thought, it thought it wanted to try again: Autism fucks up all the time, the perception of time that is. Eternity is visible from time to time, especially when Autism goes and fucks up time. It's hard for the mathematician who can't consider the absolute to understand Autism. But Autism understands you. Autism doesn't give a damn for your visions or insights. Its too 'plain as day.' Nor did Autism need a fuckin' spaceship, until it woke up this morning and saw clouds. "Get me the fuck off this planet," cried Autism. And the body wailed in pain, the people around it trying to grab it to get it to stop moving as much. And that made Autism worse. This was obvious to the idiots, handing Autism tissues to help it get better. And Autism has Cried in the Mother Fucking Grocery Store as a grown-ass man, after the lights seemed too bright. The People were laughing but Autism was right. Autism needed a spaceship: it had already seen the light.

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Autism is what I wake up to every morning. Autism is what keeps me worrying. Autism is what I think I can call it. Autism is all I hear. Autism is a strange land. Autism is everyman is an island. Autism is a son of a bitch. But Autism made me IQ 220. Autism can sometimes suck it. And Autism sure knows how to fuck it. Autism is a mother fucker. And Autism has fucked mothers. Autism has fucked families. But Autism can make them too. Autism is a motherfucker: and at least its woman is using birth-control. Autism.

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