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I cannot fucking wait until there's an easily obtainable, cheap form of birth control for men to take. Not only would it help women who can't alter their hormone levels without side effects, but it would shift the whole societal view of birth control, pregnancy, and abortion. Can't fucking wait.

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Fuck. Yes. I want this if it ever makes it to the US:

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Something I should probably give some thought to now. There goes my smugness...

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In November, my family's doctor put me on birth control to help control my period. Turns out the reason why I had been getting sick was because my hormones were making my body crazy. It's strange to think that I would have to be put on birth control without me actually thinking "hey, I want to be on birth control" nope, instead my body said, "hey I'm going to make you sick, give you migraines, kill your will to survive, but only a week and a half every month!"

Instead, I've recently discovered that I virtually feel nothing. No more killer cramps, no more nausea, no more migraines, no more problems really. It certainly doesn't hurt that I have extra insurance against unplanned babies. Not that I really want kids anyway, but I certainly don't want it to be unplanned.... that may ruin my little academic world. As if I'm not doing a good enough job of that by myself.... But I think that the unplanned medication actually worked out well for me.

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