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I saw quite a few people I used to know. None of them recognize me. That's probably for the best, considering. I did enjoy people watching. Girls in summer A&E stuff, girls in capri tights, everyone in those plaid knee-length shorts. Stoner boys, vapid looking girls, and then people who are harder to pigeonhole, like the girl wearing a skirt made of ties, the guy in loooong dreads and what might have been a business suit.


You found me!

The dreadlocks kept whacking into nearby people when I went on the rides. After awhile, I started tucking my hair under my suitjacket.

Didja enjoy yourself? Didja puke? I came awfully close.


Comment right the first time! \8~J

Actually, comment-editing or deleting might be a feature I code up in the future. Further development on Ether has been pushed to the backburner for me lately.

If you have a question for me, then you could always just email me.

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i would like to see those features! or at least a comment delete option for the author of the thought. i'm sure the author of this thought doesn't like me making random comments that are irrelevant. i'm sorry! :O

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because phantom kept editing his comments after i posted mine! ahh! XD


Well, also because I have to manually enter the timestamp of when I'm posting the comment, and apparently the timestamp given at is an hour off from this server's time. So my comments are ordered as if they're an hour off from when they really were posted. I'm working on fixing this, though.

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I had a pretty good time, considering I was a little ill when we got there. I did not ralph, thank you, although it was touch and go after the Tilt-A-Whirl. If I'd known that was you, I would have been all "Hiiiiiiii, Phantom!" and you would have given me a weird look and I'd have been like "I post on the Ether... a whole bunch..." and you would have been like "Dude," and I would have been like "Yeah," and you would have been like "Whoa," and I would have been like "Damn straight," and then it probably would have been awkward. And the idea of people getting whacked in the face with dreads is funny.

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The random comments are cool. I'm all for being able to delete my own dumb comments, but I don't want someone else to be able to delete them. -wanders off, mumbling about free speech-

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