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Jesus H. Sodapop Christ, I miss the ganja.

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Stoner fuckin stoner, that's what they call you but who the fuck are they... they are the ones who have never seen the strawberry fields with tired eyes lost in total cognition of every life and energy within everyone... lost in a time that is not their own but someone else’s forever growing into nothingness and completeness of life love and truth of where your life is and where it could be, giving yourself time to heal into becoming more much more than the everyday emptiness joining together as one thought with all surrounding you in a world spinning of many colors and lights, how high do you fly when you're immersed in all that you love as they pass the packed bowl in the morning and sweetly say" wake and bake my friend, wake and bake?" and as you hit the hitting pass into the painted tainted world that is created all around you... you see... you feel... the touch of love and all the energy we hold inside the burning turning cold heart of all that cares to change the way we see each other and the world with a new found hope in us all using what we have to create more of what we want us all to one day become, unite unite in what you know, in all you have learned, remember and will one day create. share. share to keep moving forward. Live it. dream of the sadness lying inside the bosom of every creature, every energy, feel it, let it take you to the places they could never go for to close minded to fly... Collapse The Light Into Earth

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