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Must stop fantasizing about ruining his relationship.

Must stop making up reasons to hate his very sweet girlfriend.

Must actually stop liking him, as opposed to going through brief periods of indifference as I have been over the past year.

Must go to a place where they have decent single men.

Must think logically and stop liking him because he would end up annoying the hell out of me if we were to ever get into a relationship.

Must stop thinking about how much I want to kiss him.

Must remember that he is an asshole, that he is immature, that he is annoying,and that he is in a serious relationship.

Must remember that his flirting means absolutely nothing, that he just likes seeing the prude catholic one be uncomfortable.

Must remember that is the situations were reverced and he was the guy who had not gotten so much as a kiss in his entire life and I was the one sitting on his lap, playing with his hair, and holding his hand; but in a serious committed relationship. My friends would label me as satan and as a serious tease, but no he is a boy so he is just being funny. Must remember that although it is unintentional, he is satan and I must stay away from him.

Must remember that I don't chase after guys who have girlfriends.

Must seriously move to a place with a larger pool of dateable men.

Must get my first kiss sometime before I die.

Must find better targets for my schoolgirl crushes.

Must seriously get over this boy. He is so not worth this much thought.

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