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I hate my fucking internship.

We are doing press for a children's show. And now my boss wants me to sign up for all kinds of home schooling, mom groups, and various parenting list servers.

Pretty much I've been hired to be a spammer. I just don't feel right doing this. It's one thing to go on community websites and post an event, it's another entirely to try and join groups or forums and then post events where they don't belong.

9 more days till freedom

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I fucking hate my internship.

You see apparently by state law internships are supposed to be for people to gain experience and not directly add to the companies product.

Mine is nothing like that.

I do a lot of grunt work. And granted I'm fine doing grunt work, I expected it and I'm fine with spending an entire day (I mean literally 5 hours straight) sending out faxes, or researching, or making phone calls.

But I hate it when my boss gets annoyed with me because I don't know how to write a proper press release on a client I have never met. I hate it that she got annoyed when I somehow didn't understand that when she asked me to "Research organizations that plan events" she did not mean event planners. I hate that she has never really spent time to teach me anything, I just spend days looking up phone numbers for potential clients.

The company itself is not well set up. It is run out of a residential home, and I am frequently asked to research things that any established PR company should know like how to get someone on the radio or finding places where you can post free advertisements.

I am so sick of this and I can't wait for the whole damn thing to be over.

When I signed up for the internship it was supposed to be for a PR and Event Planning company.When I was interviewed she talked about how I would get to help plan weddings, and how she was really expanding that part of the company. I was so excited to do event planning, it was the whole reason I took the damn internship. So far we have only done one event, and at this event I worked 24 hours in a 48 hour period of time

It's hard to keep doing soul crushing menial work every day without getting a pay check, without learning anything, and without a guarantee that she will write me a good job reference.

I just can't wait for this damn thing to be over with.

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