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For the first time in my life, I've been given a nice piece of jewelry.

I was given an expensive Swarovski crystal necklace by a guy in his late 60's with mafia connections that sat next to me on the bus ride home from Foxwoods. He didn't even win. But he bought it with his Wampum Points and said he didn't have a use for it and wanted to thank me for spending the hour talking to him. He said that he didn't really care if he won or lost at the casino. He just liked meeting people. He said that he hoped the necklace would make my boyfriend jealous, then told my mother to tell me never to talk to strangers.

As one of them there liberated women types, I never really put much stock in fancy jewelry, but this story's so cool, I've been telling everyone.

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That’s not fair! All I got from spending an entire after noon with an elderly woman while celebrating my twenty first birthday with my father and step mother a strange experience all on its own considering the free booze that’s passed around and my inability to say no.

Was a token and a weird little twitch that she had to always do before pushing the little button and because I sat beside her she always made me do it too…I did mention I can’t say no right?

I have yet to return because of frightening memories of my father getting really excited about the live magician performing right in the hall he volunteered me for everything!!

The magician did find me in the food court afterword’s which was a little odd trying to make small talk with a man who had just pulled several objects from his pants and my ear.

I would have gladly taken the Swarovski crystal necklace and you story is far better than my own.

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