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I remember finding a cassette tape with the lullaby that my mother would sing to me and being really excited that "someone sang my lullaby." My dad used to sing me 2 lullabies back to back; starting with the song that Mister Rogers would sing at the end of every episode of "Mister Rogers Neighborhood" and then ending with "Back Home Agan in Indiana"......which was funny because we didn't live in Indiana, nor did I even know what Indiana was at the time.

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"Lullaby, and good night, and the sky stars are bright. -- Round your head, flowers gay, Suite your slumbers til day. -- Go to sleep now and rest May these hours be blessed -- Go to sleep now and rest May these hours be blessed."

So simple, most lullabies. and yet they make me immeasurably calm. I can't really explain just how contented they make me other than to tell you that my dearest friend sings them to me only when I'm inexplicably upset, depressed, or when he feels it is a good time to do so and I'll shed a few tears for whatever plagues me, then I'll move on. He helps me with that. His love for me helps me with that. I love him as he is my dearest friend. He did not sing me the song above, but I can tell you that it is my favorite. Last night he sang me a song by dream theater and nothing could have made me feel better.

If he ever gets on here again and can figure me out, I hope he knows I care. Sometimes i feel I shall never see him again. That I shall simply be forced to communicate through e-mails, IMs, and phone calls, then I remember that's enough.

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