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oh the things you dont know. they are endless. you dont know that your smile gives me a reason to wake up. you dont know that i can feel your skin in my imagination. you dont know that i can remember exactly how you taste at any point in my day. you have no clue that your laugh is my music and your heartbeat keeps mine steady. you dont know how i want you, need you, at the most random moments in my day. reading in class, you dont know that i suddenly flash back to you looking up at me from the bed and i smile making my class mates wonder what is so delightful on the page in front of me. you're unaware that i collect the things you say like diamonds and take them out to feel special from time to time. you dont know that i remember exactly what you were wearing the first time i saw you. you dont know that i am still trying so hard to impress you while being more myself than i ever have been before. you dont know that sometimes i wait until youre asleep to cry because i dont want you to worry if i had a bad day. you dont know that im terrified every moment of losing you and losing the way you make me feel. you dont know that before you told me, i never thought i was beautiful. you dont know that i have let you in farther than anyone else and the power that gives you to hurt me. you dont know the trust i put in you to have my heart in the palms of your capable hands and not it mess up. you dont know how i need to hear from you every few minutes or hours or i miss you so bad it hurts. you dont know that being next to you makes me feel like a whole person and when im alone, i feel like im missing what makes me my best. you dont know how silly i feel thinking about soul mates and happily ever after when i spent my entire life not believing in those things. but with you i believe it. i love you. that you know.

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