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I lost my best friend over my choice to abort my rapist's baby.

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It is my firm opinion that it is in no way the government's place to decide these things for us. In my mind, all options*, and the pros and cons of each should be well known and easy to research without biases getting in the way *Abortion, birthing and then giving the baby to the state or adoptive parents, which can often be found beforehand, all the support and help available for new mothers, etc The government is not our moral police. As far as late term abortions, I haven't formed an opinion, every time I've tried to research it on the internet, I have trouble outlasting the pictures of dead babies pro-life people use to short circuit logic and go right to emotions instead, and the thick propaganda of both sides. My personal opinion is that if you're that far along, have the baby and give it away. But that's my opinion. I'm very tired of small groups of people deciding what's best for everyone, damnit. People should be able to make their own choices. And the government should be there making sure each choice is above all safe and regulated. Hopefully, this being the Ether, this won't spark any flaming. If it does, I'll delete it. As far as me, if I found out I was pregnant right now, today, I wouldn't seek an abortion. I personally wouldn't have one unless it was a situation where they baby isn't forming right, or something, and will absolutely die before birth, and likely take me with it, and the doctors think it's the best choice. And even that, I'd have to think about. But I believe it's anyone's right to get an abortion. At least as far as early into the pregnancy. My sister has had two abortions. Both were very early into the pregnancy. Both were when she discovered her pregnancy after leaving her husband, whom she leaves periodically because he's violent and then goes back to because she gets scared. She says she doesn't regret either one, that their household couldn't support four kids, etc. It does get to her sometimes, and she calls me, because no one besides our grandmother knows, and she'll just give Joda a hard time. I never say anything negative because A. She's upset, and I'm not going to say anything she isn't thinking and B. it's done. Our world can be so fucked up. Calm and logical debate is always welcome, knee-jerk reactions, not so much. On this particular topic, and said debate should be through PM or an IM service, me thinks.

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i agree. i'm going to avoid the straight abortion direction and just comment on the government part:

it is not our government's business to decide which medical procedures i can and cannot have, even if it is a touchy moral subject. there are some people who believe blood transfusions or inoculations are wrong, yet i don't see anyone trying to outlaw those. our government in the US controls our lives far too much.

the abortion issue is interesting, too, because there is a definite religious undercurrent to the whole debate. i have nothing against religion, but one religion or even many should NEVER sway our laws. i believe in an absolute separation of church and state, and there is no reason to ever discuss any legal issue in a religious context.

i don't know if you wanted this posted here or anything, i'm trying to be as sensitive as possible but knowing that it's a very touchy subject for some people i am totally willing to delete this if you want.

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I missed my period about two moths ago for three-four weeks. He didn't pull out in time like the other times. Pregnancy lingered in my mind, pulling apart my brain.

I stood in his room, "What if-" I started

"What would you do?" He interrupted

"I guess I'd have an abortion"

"Oh baby, I'm glad you said that I know some doctors both my sisters had too-"

I tear away from his embrace and sob, the corner seems so much more inviting. Being alone.

He sits on the bed as I cry, I turn around and whisper his name in a soft plea. He seems so far away and I want him to come to me. To not leave me alone.

His tears are burning his cheeks.

I step shakily forward and he catches me.

"It'll be alright."

I quiver and beleive him.

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For the record, pulling out in time isn't the problem - that method is rarely effective as there's sperm released (although admittedly small ammounts) long before a guy actually comes. Hope you didn't just learn that the hard way...

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Actually, I have seen the statistic that pulling out is something like 94% effective. I don't know where I got it though, so don't go quoting me.

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I uh. I know from experience that pulling out is sometimes effective, even long term. Probably it varies from man to man. It's still not a good idea. Society being as prudish as it is, too many teenagers rely on this. No matter how depressed you are, how shitty you feel, you should still drag yourself to the doctor or Planned Parenthood and refill, or get your shot.

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