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i am so mad at you. you just let go. poof. gone. all those promises you made me- lies. i am not bitter or whiny really, im mad. thank goodness i didnt give in to you. how quickly the truth comes out. love me forever? never leave me? be there for me whenever i need you? your words are as worthless as a grain of sand in a desert. we dont talk any more. the truth is that its so awkward id rather not call. brfore we were lovers we were friends. now we cant manage a ten minute conversation without filling it with silence and regret. you were the last person im willing to let in. the very very last. honestly- it is easier to stand alone than to lean on someone and find they arent there to catch you anymore. so i give up. consider me closed for business. im going on an emotional vacation and i may not come back for a long long while. i dont miss my lover, i miss my friend. i dont want to talk about it. lets both just live our lives from now on. bet youre glad you never got that tattoo huh? now im going to bed- hope you fall down in front of lots of people. goodnight.

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if I were you, I'd say "in lots of cars" fact, that's what I thought you were going to put.

But nevertheless, good for you!

Ending up this way is my newest fear, and I sometimes welcome it even at the same time that I'm skerred of it. Love is weird. Love is overrated!

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oops, I meant "in front of (lots of cars)"

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