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Some of my quirks:

I insist on flushing a toilet/urinal before using it if there's any bodily waste remaining from its previous use. Objectively, it really shouldn't make any difference, but I don't want to pee in someone else's pee.

I always want to be very prepared when interacting with service industry workers. Exact change, all of the details of my order up-front, debit card already out of my wallet and ready to hand to them, answers to all questions anticipated, etc.

I can't stand for there to be dirt under my fingernails, and I start to go crazy if I don't have a knife on me with which to clean them.

I sleep with my legs in the lotus position.

More to come as I think them up.

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Hm. Either we are very similar, or these quirks aren't as unique as I once thought they were.

I am the exact same about toilets. At my mom's house, one of the toilets doesn't always flush completely, and if there is ANY yellow tint to the water, I have to flush it before I can pee. Even if I feel like I'm about to burst.

I also do the same thing with service industry workers. Usually, I try to answer their questions before they have to ask them, too.

I am a nail biter, but there have been times that I've just stopped biting them, and I can't stand for anything to be under them. I also have to have a nail file at all times, because when my nails are the least bit jagged, it drives me nuts.

And when I sleep, I have to have my ankles crossed. Left over right. Always.

...just so you know you aren't alone...

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And the base of my tongue does this weird tingly, twitchy thing whenever I see a fresh head of lettuce and Burgundy won't leave me alone about it.

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