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I was driving last night and realized I still definitely have feelings for a girl I've always hated the fact I have feelings for. I've liked her for about a year and a half, maybe two. It kills me, and I hate it, and the only way I can think to get rid of it is to hate her. But I don't hate her. I can't hate her, because she is the coolest fucking chick in the world. She has never hurt me, intentionally anyway. She is always there for me when I need her. She knows what to say, but she's not afraid to call me a bitch when I'm being a bitch. She plays me like I'm her favorite record and reads me like I'm its liner notes. God damn, I feel like a Weezer song.

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eek stuck in the friend slot. how sure are we about this boyfriend? No need to be a home wrecker but if he's just a placeholder till she wants to settle, who knows what could happen!

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I feel like if she broke up with him she probably wouldn't go for me... From what she's told me of him, he is a lot like me only cuter and with a better beard.

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