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my humor still relies heavily on the topic of sex despite the fact that i am no longer in middle school. but recently i find myself getting into fairly awkward situations where i make a comment i find to be humorous and the person i made it to seems mortified. they look at me like i just tried to verbally rape them (which does not sit well with me) is sex such a scary topic that we can't just openly talk about it? why should my constant joking make people uncomfortable when all they are is obviously empty words?

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sex can be spoken about. I do it with my friends all the time. But joking about it all the time can be off putting and even creepy. one of my managers at wok does this. I always feel uncomfortable. Rule of thumb? only make perverted jokes whith those very close to you and only if you are all in a silly mood- otherwise prepare to offend.

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haha, sometimes i seem to have this problem with all humor. i know it would be easier to say im just not funny at all, but im starting to get the suspicion that ive just surrounded myself with people who dont appreciate humor, particularly good matured perverted humor. im growing weary of american know, in other countries, it's much more acceptable (and comfortable) to make jokes that are perverted. you wont always get hit with a lawsuit for making a sexual innuendo in a room that contains one or more female coworkers.... not that im saying anything about women...hell, maybe she thought it was funny but the guy next to her thought it was inappropriate...whatever

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I think the key word in your post is "constant."

If your joking about sex is really all that constant, you're probably really annoying. This has less to do with sex than the fact that anyone who is always on about one single topic gets really annoying, really fast. There's a huge difference between being able to talk about sex and being unable to not talk about it.

I do not understand where the rest of you people live that you complain about "American prudery," but I will switch with you any day of the week.

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