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I haven't watched anime since I was about 12, and even then it was just whatever they showed on Toonami or Adult Swim, sometimes that heavily altered Kids WB trash.

My friend has gotten me back into anime, but this time, it's the subtitled Japanese language track kind. I have to say I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I've gotten to the point where I forget that I'm reading subtitles while I'm watching.

The only issue is that anime was a female deterrent in middle school, and I'm sure it still is now. More so, even.

Why can't I find a gorgeous geeky girl who I can share my geeky hobbies and interests with? I think I deserve to find the geek of my dreams.

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Most girls who are 'into' anime are scary yaoi-fangirl fatties, attention whores, furries, or otherwise broken in the head somehow. Very occasionally you'll find one who looks decent and isn't crazy, but they're hella rare.

Bear in mind most of my friends are anime fans to varying degrees, and my boyfriend used to run the university anime society - so I know a lot of these girls :(

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I'm a girl. I love anime. I don't think I'm crazy, or not in that sense. I think I'm crazy in the normal sense. lol. I do know a lot of girls that are that creepy stereotypical anime-lover girl, though.

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I like anime and I’m a far cry from one of those psychos although every once in a while when the anime convention comes rolling through the city I snuck on in and watch the crazies wishing that I had that kind of blind love and passion for something anything at all including overweight furries. I’m envious of their ability to that much joy in something so simple.

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