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The wind reminds me of the wind which follows the waves rolling across the sand in Florida. So loud but so soothing. Something clicked and then it was on. A loud bang; once again just gone. Free writing is a little cheap if it is done right. I only like it at certain times. Usually when I write I want the subject matter to be fairly common and not random with nonessential bits and pieces. It’s good to write a lot, and free writing is best during a writer’s block or maybe a sudden emotional rush; maybe like a sensory overload or something. Freewriting only occurs when you rush into the next word, like dominoes falling onto each other. If it stops, it ruins it. But something does always come out. I would just rather stick with the kind of writing I mentioned above. I just paused several seconds but I shouldn’t have. I wish that me and Deanna would see eye to eye better. Another pause. I’m waiting for her to say “times up”. I’m so hungry. So hungry my head hurts, my stomach hurts, my eyes hurt and my throat hurts. Suddenly it clicked and then kabang. Are there indentions in freewriting? Probably not. Never say never. Say never never. Don’t look now but. There is just shit coming out now. My physical needs are griping too much. I need to rest. Too many classes. He is so special and she is so beautiful. I need them both. One to love and the other one to love. Companionship. Intimacy. Security. I’m in class right now.

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