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Why was it so important to Republicans to kill the healthcare reform bill? I know that it was crucial that they not allow Democrats to have a big victory, because that'll hurt their chances to establish another Republican-dominated administration, but couldn't they have just fought to help create a really fantastic bill that would have helped millions of Americans in need... and then taken rightful credit for their contribution to the bill? Why was it not an option to be BETTER than the Democrats at HELPING their constituents? Why did they have to put an enormous amount of spin on the issue and fuck everyone over for the sake of not losing face when the opportunity was there to help people in need? Why do people vote against their own interests? Why is it more important for people to be on the right side of a ridiculous cultural battle than to protect the life, health, prosperity, and wellbeing of their fellow human? WHEN DID COMPASSION GO OUT OF STYLE?!

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Politics is about power. If you have the ambition to control people's lives, then you are already on your way to being corrupted; it's addictive. Ambition turns into greed, and greed is, essentially, the opposite of compassion. It's obviously not that simple, but that's as much thought as I'm going to put into it for now.

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I think it has a lot to do with the big demonizing trend. If they work with the Democrats, then how can they properly demonize them and use their main tool, fear, to gather support? Republicans used massive amounts of propaganda and misinformation to try and prevent the reform from passing. In the small, conservative town I live in, several people told me they were against the bill. When I asked why, every one of them mentioned some aspect of the bill that wasn't true. For example; One guy, twenty-four years old and still on his father's healthcare, said he didn't want it because it forced private insurers out of business and required every citizen to have public care. Uh, what? I told him the facts, and felt confident enough to do so because I'm also 24, and on my father's insurance. One woman said that she knew for a fact that half of the money was going straight to 'assembly line murder clinics to suck innocent angels out of whore's wombs." I honestly didn't even try.

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