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looking back, she was accidentally beautiful. the quick, almost unexpected flash of her smile. the way she walked. long strides. with a fuck you sway in her hips. the way her bottom lip was slightly more full then the top. the ironic tilt of her eyebrow.

it was her utter delight in the small things that made me want her. her joy in a dandelion. the way she would stop while walking and tilt her face to the sun. the way her hair whipped across her face in the wind.

she had a way of pinning me with her eyes. like she was examining my soul. how charming she was when embarrassed. her hand would fly to her chest and her face would flush red.

it was her flaws that made me love her. her inability to be mad. how she struggled to say the right thing. the way she got quiet when she was uncomfortable. her hatred of driving. her mismatched socks. her constant singing.

the way i would catch her watching me from the corner of her eye. the way she would touch my face. how our fingers effortlessly laced together. the way she danced when she was happy. the habit she had of rubbing her face against my shoulder.

looking back it was all an accident. but the biggest mistake of all was that i lost her.

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I recently lost my significant other... You have no idea how badly I wish this was her blog... it might give me a reason to keep on keeping on.

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