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I’ve often wondered about this word. I just encountered hatred pure and unadulterated. Strange the way we perceive ourselves. Male, female, tall, short, Blonde, brunet, this is how I see all people. The tall auburn haired girl in the corner smiles with her eyes. The short brunet by the counter laughs with her whole body. Not until today have I ever seen myself by the slightly yellowed color of my skin. Not until it’s pointed out and laughed at slightly. The thing is I am not just Asian I'm French and German and an avid reader and I love to sculpt and run in the rain especially at night. I'm proud of the country I live in. A country I had always believed was founded with the purpose of freedom be it religious or otherwise and yet here’s that hate and then I start to think if I truly think outside of race and color then why did this one remark bother me so much? How did I let this one comment get under my skin? What did I do that was so horrible that made this one person hate me so much just because of the way I look? I suppose it goes deeper than that and I suppose it’s not fair to just get angry at this person everyone has their story everyone has their reasons. I just wish that for once in my life I could go somewhere and not feel like the outsider trapped between two places. Seriously though what the hell country would you send me back to exactly? France, Germany, or Laos? Better yet pick an island any island and send all of us mutts to this place and forget about us separate yourselves from every other person unlike yourself and I bet you’ll still find something to complain about something to cause you to hate your neighbor anyway.

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MMmm yeah people are stupid. Sorry you have to go through that. Ever read Will the Last Person to Leave the Planet, Please Shut off the Sun? It's by Mike Resnick. It humorously points out how crappy people can be about this subject. (My way of feeling better about something is to humorize it.)

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yeah me too that’s why it really bothered me that I couldn't shake the angry and thankx for the book recommendation. I love to read!!!

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