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Is a rose still cliche if I have never given one?

Its like the time my friends were talking about hickies and said they were so 8th grade.

I got depressed that i've apparently missed my hickie window.

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No, roses are great. Just don't over do it. And a single rose can do a lot more than a big bushel, if the timings right. I'm happy when Owen steals tiger lily blossoms for me. Even if I'm in the car when he pulls over and grabs them. I like cat tails, too. And those are cheap as free.

Missing the hickey window is no big deal. Hickies weren't the point, it was being close to someone. Giving one was always sort of boring, and getting them made me itch.

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On the contrary I’m a fan of the hickie I absolutely love to give them and receive them I’m a bit on the rough side I don’t mind a little pain with my foreplay I actually like it I’m a big fan of hair pulling as well. I love it when I guy grabs a mitt full of my hair pulling my head back just before he kisses me or a nice bite on the bottom lip…bet you really didn’t want to know that. But I also love roses…honestly what girl doesn’t I think it’s one of those things were you say you’d never but when the timing is right you’re on your knees with a mouth full of cock…I did it again too much info.

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The phrase "mouth full of cock" is going to be haunting my mind for a while...

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roses have been tamed and trained by the hands of botonists, grown for fewer thorns, longer vase life, exotic colors, bigger and more blooms.

in this process, roses have lost their scent.

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Roses and babies' breath? C'mon boys, those are great the first few times, then they get repetitive. Roses are great, they symbolize romance and they are expensive, but after a while, find another bouquet, one that's not emotionally cheap and generic. Cost isn't everything to a girl, and if it is to the one you're involved with, well... I'll keep my mouth shut.

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When I was very young, my Grandpa brought be a rose from his garden. It was the most beautiful rose I had ever seen, at full bloom, and very saturated with colour. I remember watching Grandpa cut off all of the little thorns with his pocket watch so that they would not prick my little hands.

When I grow up, I will have a rose garden...Thank you for the rose Grandpa...

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