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I've seen so much. I'm learning to map the terrain of my mind. From heavenly realms where I have danced in ecstasy to sacrificial chambers for ancient gods where I have become serpents feasting on souls. From Hades where everything is dull and fiery to Gaia the living mother where I've merged with animals, oceans, and plants. I have seen the spell that casts the very wind unfold on a page. From Mount Olympus where golden gods mischievously entertain themselves by playing with the lives of human beings to the minds of those very humans which are preoccupied with matters of business. From the right hand of God in an awesome throne room where I have been annihilated in a powerful burst and replaced with angelic providence to the left hand of God where I have been reduced to ash for my folly. I have both seen or become Horus, Set, and Isis (my favorite). I've seen an Egyptian deity whose eyes shifted from red to blue at which time I was approached by an alarmed man claiming to be from an interplanetary counsel. I've been met beings from other planets with incomprehensible interdimensional technologies. My karma is intertwined with an old man on another planet who wishes to be young again. When I see the horizon of the planet in my mind I am overcome with a childlike joy at returning home, not my home, but a memory of his home. I have seen the chaos of hell and its torments. I have been invited by Ganesha to a realm of pure joy where I experienced blissful and continual Samadhi as all time and space were lost. I have been visited by ancient magicians and played with apparitions where my every thought and wish is created in fire. I put on a mask and my lower half has shifted into a clove footed beast while my upper remained human. I have seen many a bastard cut down the soul of an innocent human for a burst of pleasure. I have spoken with a Pharaoh. I have seen him pleased and angry. I have become the primeval fire and witnessed as God braces against itself creating being out of chaos. When we speak of the stones as our ancestors it is not a metaphor. It is God's love for God's self that holds all of this together. It is a conscious act of creation. The harmony and the resonance is written in the vibration of our being. I have become nothing, neither vast nor confining, and witnessed from a distance as wars unfold. And so much more! Where am I in all of this? Can any of this be said to be me? It is a dream of many lives. I am nothing and God is everything. Follow the law, friends, and enjoy your life. None of this need be known. As a Goddess once reminded of something important in an ayahuasca vision. We danced. Her, a nature spirit, yellow and blue. Myself, black and red with horns. I began to imitate an unfamiliar language which I was soon speaking. "Wait a minute, she said. We incarnate for a reason!"

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