My little cousin is all grown up and not in a good way.

I can hardly say her behavior is unexpected. She was raised in an extremely strict fundamentalist Christian household. You know as in her father bought some small weights, the box they came in had a woman wearing a work out leotard and he covered up the box with tape because the woman pictured on it was "sinful". As in so fundi that they were all home schooled till high school, because in first grade one of the older children asked his classmates what they had done for Jesus today and got beat up.

You bring anyone up in one extreme and the odds are that they will rebel. Rebellion is healthy but I just wish she had chosen to rebel in a more positive way. Be a pro-choice democrat, or be an atheist or change to some other religion. For the record I'm a pro life democrat Christian

What I am upset about are the pictures she is posting over herself on the internet. Pictures that if her parents found she would be disowned. There are the pictures of her drinking mass amounts of alcohol, there are pictures of her with men easily twice her age acting inappropriately towards her, she posted pictured of herself dressed very provocatively online.

Well to be honest the pictures that would most upset her parents are the ones of her making out with a girl and having a quadruple kiss. Now I am really glad that in about five short years she has gone from telling me not to buy an Elton John cd because he is gay, to kissing a girl. But all the same I know her, she is not gay not bisexual she is just one of those girls who will kiss girls because guys think it's sexy. And there isn't really anything wrong with that per se so much as her motivations for doing that bother me.

It just upsets me, if she wants to party a bit fine, if she wants to explore her sexuality, good for her. But she should go about it in safer ways. I'm actually happy her myspace got hacked, and some of the pictures were taken down. Ugh I can't even imagine what kind of creepy emails she got, I'm not particularly attractive and I get a fair amount of creepy messages on myspace. There she was a very attractive girl with pictures of herself in her bra and panties, with her school and home town listed right there on the same page making her very easy to find. And there are tons of women (and men) out there who post provocative photos of themselves on the internet but most of them are smart enough to do it in such a way that someone couldn't easily figure out where they live. Her facebook profile however still exists.

I will not say anything to her parents of course, unless things start to get even more shady or dangerous looking. I certainly had no intention of mentioning this to my own parents, untill they revealed to me what they knew. At the time of this incident she was 16. My Dad has a lot of connections in terms of garages and junkyards, so when her car went all wonkey he took it to get fixed. They found several vodka bottles under the seat of her car. My parents didn't say anything either.

Although a few months later when my cousin "hit a pothole" and complete bent the tire so much that my dad had to find her a new one, the base itself was disturbed not just the tire on it I don't know what its called. My Father pointed out to my Uncle that something like this should not have happened from hitting a pothole.

I don't know I just worry about the girl. Hopefully she calms down a bit, or at least starts being safer in the things she is doing.

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