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Dear German Professor,

I am writing this on ether where you will never see it. Because I can't think of any way to clean up or sanitize my feelings. I am not going to be in class tomorrow, And even I am not sure if this is 100% medically justifiable. You see I have no idea how to complete the assignment in German,I paid attention in class I looked though the book, but as neither of these contains enough English for me to properly get the ideas I can't complete the assignment.

I know that you are getting upset over how many people arn't coming to class, and how little people care about actually learning a language. But as I keep trying to explain to you I have a disease a very serious one. It's not your fault that my arthritis is at it's absolute worst in the morning, and that I often have to skip class because I'm in too much pain. It's not your fault that I am bad at learning languages and that your method of teaching does not fit with my learning style. But what I do know is that I litterally get sick when I get stressed out.

I am not going to class tomorrow because I am terrified that you will call on me and I will not know the answer. I have cried once in your class this semester I don't want to do it again. It is now 4 AM and in order to be semi-coherent and awake for you class I have to get up at 9:30. I know that doing this will make me sick. I know that going to class knowing that I did not finish an assignment will make me sick. I know that getting called on repeatedly when I have already made my plea of "Ich weiß nicht" will make me sick. Getting told how disappointed you are in me for skipping class when even the college has recognized that I have a disability and encourages teachers to not take off for absences. I am sick of having to defend myself, and I am sick right now because I feel guilty for skipping class today because this is the least sick I have been when missing a class.


I will do my best to attend class more often.

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