You win some, you lose some, right?

I get more and more worried about my psychological state daily. One day I'm up, prancing around imagining the director of "fiddler on the roof" is as smitten with me as I am of him, and the next I am so utterly and irrevocably depressed I hide in my room and sob into my pillow about how I'm a failure at life wishing I could stop breathing.

Win-I win at slacking. I managed to get a c+ in French despite the fact that I skipped half the classes and didn't do half the work or the final paper.

Lose-I will probably fail my capstone course as I can't get my act together to get the final paper done.

Win-There are attractive people in my home town! Wow!

Lose- My capstone professor told one of the big wigs she was concerned about me, and now she's involved, and I fear I won't be able to just give up on the whole situation. They might drag me into something bigger that will only depress me again.

Win-I spent a large amount of time at the library, and I read Stardust, and took out the older version of "Pride and Predjudice" and have read half of "The Secret" which is making me secretly hope for things.

Lose-I still haven't found a job. And my mom is starting to give me the whole guilt act "you should be doing more around the house I slave all day working at school" thing. Which bugs me.

Win- My brother's girlfriend actually LIKES to clean. Weird.

Lose-I'm still supposed to help her.

Win- TWO PET RATS! Awesometastic.

Lose- We call one of them Io... for Incontinent one.

Win- Two words... FIRE PIT!

Lose- Mum's car broke down.

My life is kind of a rollercoaster at the moment... and I'm kind of hoping things will turn out alright in the end. I'm considering writing an autobiography beginning at this point. Kind of a journal type thing, as experimental literature. Because we all know... main characters are supposed to have happy endings.

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