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Only nice things in the comments please. I have a desk job that I started out loving. Now my boss has given me more things to do like answer the main phones. I'm not liking very much. I feel stressed. Answering the phones and taking messages quickly is not good for my slow brain. My brain doesn't tell me that I should write down what the other person is sayong until much later. I hate asking the person on the other line to repeat everything they just said. But I have to most of the time. I'm trying to write as much down as they are speaking, but I can't write and listen at the same time. I love the company, my coworkers and my boss. The work is just too much for me. I've started to look for another job. Something in activities. Specifically the elderly. My brain does not belong behind a desk answering phones. I specifically didn't want a front desk/administration position. I feel like I was forced into it. Wasn't part of the job description at first. I wouldn't have taken it otherwise. Okay, I think I'm done. Thanks for reading and understanding.

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No wonder that's frustrating for you. Your employer didn't seem to put much thought into putting you into that position. I suggest these things:

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