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I just graduated on Saturday after four years of overcoming some incredible adversity. To mark the occasion my dad (whom i met at 15) was here in town from CA and he got us a suite at the hilton near monument circle in downtown indy and the plan was to hit a few gay bars down there and get a feel for Indy's gay scene (just came out as bisexual). We went to a few places and I was having a pretty good time....never too wasted but decently buzzed at several points. then... We ended up at this place called the 501 which is his favorite place in's an alt/fetish/leather/bdsm bar with almost exclusively gay men.....I had noticed a girl there earlier in the night with kitty ears and make-up and she ended up sitting right next to me and my dad for a sec....i took the opporutnity to compliment her on her look and we ended up talking for a few minutes....I told her I was bi and this was my first time in downtown indy...then we went over to a different area where they had some chains and other gear and kept talking....she was a dom (more of a switch when met with my dom side but more on that later).... at this point... i told her a little more about my kink/bdsm side and it turns out she was even kinkier than I (Muncie is so ripe with people who think they're kinky just because their partner accidently slapped their ass one time during sex and they happened to like it).....I then told her about my foot fetish and she proceeded to unzip and remove her boot....I was feeling pretty confident so I just started worshipping her feet (they were perfect...small, soft and perfectly pedicured :).....right there in the middle of the bar . We ended up making out a bit and then I got the ok from my dad to meet him later at the hotel so I could head to her place... We went out to her car but her battery was dead so we walked to my car .....we finally made it to the parking garage and it was deserted (it was 3:30 am Sunday morning) We made out a little more and then she had to pee...went right there and asked if I wanted to "clean her up." For some reason this seemed really hot so I went for it...then we made it to my car and she lived about 20 mins away with her mom in this nice place on the southside of town but had the whole downstairs to herself...Once we got there I worshippped her feet for a good hour or so (more correctly she was "making" me at certain points )....and then we ended up to her bedroom and I didn't leave until 10 the next morning to help jump her car before making it back to the hotel at 10:50...i didn't sleep a bit It was one hell of a night and I went home with her number....we've been talking a lot since then so who knows? Point is I stepped out of comfort zone and just went for it for the first time in a hell of a long time...I'm a more confident, more accomplished, more adventurous me today...and I'm never going back.

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Wait! You could have met up with someone crazy. Always keep that in mind, blueberryboxperson! I guess it was cool that you got to have footsie-fun with the chick; I'm sure that wouldn't be a run-of-the-mill occurrence for anyone with a fetish, so I can see where your recklessness would be warranted. I'm not condemning it, though. (these were just thoughts that crossed my mind whilst reading this thought of yours) . I guess you could hang out with your dad later or something….

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