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I did it again. This is maybe the third time it's happened that I remember. I was in the non-lucid dream world, exploring a friend's new house, when I got sleepy and went into his guest bedroom to take a nap. I fell asleep and had a dream within the dream I was already having, and THAT dream was lucid. I could immediately tell that I was dreaming. I was wandering along the median in a highway, exploring wreckage strewn about from a recent high-speed accident. I found the detached but intact glove compartment to a car and sat down on the highway to pull it onto my lap and inspect it. I had a fleeting thought of, "Hey, I never have sex dreams. Maybe since I've got a bit of rare lucidity for once, I should conjure up somebody that I want to have crazy sex with and go at it," but the glove compartment and its secrets were far more interesting than sex at that moment. It had the usual assortment of glove compartment things in it (pens, papers, sunglasses), but also a collection of small children's toys, like those that you would keep on hand to occupy a toddler with during long drives. Knowing that I was in a dream, I marveled at the incredibly vivid collection of items in front of me and took them into my hands to feel. I remember smiling and squeezing at a section of interlocking light-pastel-purple foam bits that were supposed to be something like toddler Legos, just amused as hell at how incredibly details and vivid the item in my hand was, despite knowing that it was all in my imagination. I spent awhile going through the toys, then woke up into the main dream. I was standing in the corner of my friend's guest bedroom, and he was standing at the door, chuckling at me for sleepwalking and muttering to myself. Not knowing that I was still in a dream, I described my dream-within-a-dream (or metadream, as I've recently felt the need to coin) to him as he laughed incredulously and led me around his house in a short tour of it. Then I actually woke up and excitedly described the whole episode to the young lady I was napping with. Then I wrote about it on Ether.

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That's really interesting actually. I can't recall ever having a metadream. Usually my dreams are either just one dream or multiple dreams, as in I'll be walking outside with people then suddenly I'm in a friend's house hanging out, then I'm in a school gym, and so on. It's very weird. I'm always like what was that about? Why did this and that happen? Are they supposed to be connected somehow? They're just so random sometimes.

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