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I hate this time of the year.

The time when everyone moves out of the dorms/greek housing and goes back to their respective homefronts. I, however, am not returning this year as I have a job here that requires that I live on campus. This is both a good and a bad thing. Good because I'm living in Chicago for free and I'll be able to hang out with people I don't know too well so I may make friends and because I'll only be 2 hours away from my boyfriend whereas if I went to my parent's house for the summer I'd be living like 5-6 hours away, which would suck dick. At least this way I'll be able to see him every so often.

Now for the not so good part, I'll be living in the place that I work in, working and living with the people that also have the same job. Also, I'll have to find a magical way to get to the grocery store and procure food stuffs. Otherwise I'll be stuck without these things...then I found the loop hole : friends with cars . So I can talk them into getting me to the grocery store so that I can occasionally feed myself.

Back to the topic : moving out. I have all of my stuff and some of my future roommate's stuff sitting in my room and it's kinda like a war zone in here right now. As for my friends who have not yet moved out, they're either moving out tomorrow or Wednesday. So I have to say farewell to dear friends, some for the last time as they have graduated and are moving on to bigger and better things... like a real job with an Engineering or Architecture or Psychology or whatever department they're going from and into....

Mostly I hate the fact that my boyfriend had to leave today. He and I haven't had much time to just sit and chill in a while and I just really wish that we would have gotten that. I feel really pathetic because I miss him already, I miss sharing a very tiny single person bed with him either on the floor of his room or in my room. I mostly miss listening to him talk about things .... he really likes computers and even though I don't know much about them, I like to listen to him talk about them....

I just feel lonely right now because so many people are gone.

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